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We at TELMIC currently expand the boundaries of special art and video designs by focusing on four areas of technology - electric spectaculars, LED Visions, mechatronics and systems. Conventionally, this industry tended to settle things the old-fashioned way, the single narrow world of craftsmen. We proactively introduced computers to successfully combine our craftsmanship with new technologies and the latest trends. As a result, TELMIC is now favored as one of the few companies that cover a wide range of technologies. Especially in the field of television broadcasting, our unique technical capabilities in creating quiz programs and other shows enabled us to make a significant impact on the subsequent direction of the movement in special art, of which we are proud.

In concerts and events, we have successfully played a key role in fusing technologies such as mechatronics, electric spectaculars and LED Vision engineering, through which we currently hold an unrivaled presence in the industry. We have solutions to integrate software and hardware technology using flexible ideas and operational techniques.

We at TELMIC are proud of our total ability to satisfy every technical request from art designers and video designers. We have willingness to share our creativity. We have a desire to create something unique and unseen in the world. With strong ties and trust between you and us, we have a desire to bring a breath of fresh air into this industry.


We create a new project when you contact us to place an order.
A sales representative talks with you directly to confirm what to do and which people at each department to assign to the job and get it ready to go swiftly.

Planning / Sales Department

TELMIC’s Sales Department serves as a collaborator for projects and as a good adviser for better results. We have no preconceived ideas about the program or project in question. We wait until we listen to your plans and needs. We listen to what you have in your imagination. The Sales Department, based on your ideas, has a series of meetings with you to discuss what to do about technological problems and what are the solutions. We always work together with you to make your dreams come true.

Producing Control Systems / Technology & Production Department

The staff at TELMIC’s Technology & Producing Department makes sure that the equipment and tools used in the project flash and/or move around as expected on stage sets for TV shows or a theater. TELMIC’s engineers are able to do everything required to quickly create control devices, which is one of the greatest assets of TELMIC. From electric spectaculars with electronic circuits to large steel-frame stage devices that are transported in large trucks, we can create an original item - even if it is used only once for a particular show or concert tour. We have a stock of parts to meet short delivery schedules. Sometimes when we need something special to meet a particular request or need, some of our engineers go by bike to an electronics specialist to get it.

Producing CGs/Technology & Producing Department (in charge of CGs)

CG images, projected on a large multivision device (LED Vision screen), such as WinVision, MP-9, Dot.LED and COLOR CELL, are created by the staff at TELMIC’s Technology & Production Department (in charge of CG images).

Producing Devices/Manufacturing Department

No matter how huge and/or complicated the devices in your project are, TELMIC is always ready to meet your request. What makes us say so with such confidence? It is the fact that TELMIC owns a network of factories and plants, which is rare in this industry. TELMIC can provide dramatic effects - electrical, technological, whatever - to support even a live concert with thousands of people attending. This network of factories, warehouse, and temporary assembling plants covers approximately 3,000 tsubo (12000 square yards). If we need to transport a lot of items to support a live concert, we can afford to have more than 10 large trucks. In addition to the factories described above, TELMIC has skilled architects and craftsmen. The demand for larger stage props has been rising over the years. However, it is very hard to assemble large stage props. Even in this situation, TELMIC can afford to meet your expectations. Our unparalleled staff and factories, showing the excellence of TELMIC’s production capacity, will serve as a presence that aids your imagination.

Setting up/Operations Department

TELMIC can complete stage props speedily. That’s because our staff is all familiar with all the sites. No delay is permitted in this industry. Therefore, it is not too much to say that setting-up is one of our most important activities. At TV shows and concerts, it often happens that our staff must deal with stage props at the show or concert. The staff at TELMIC is able to handle everything quickly in any situation. “Don’t rush, but make haste slowly enough to get it done better.” This is our basic attitude at the Operations Department. In recent years, safety awareness has been heightened. We are working hard toward safer and quicker settings.

Operations / Operations Department

The engineers at TELMIC’s Operations Department do behind-the-scenes support at any job site. Electric spectaculars and machines used in different shows and on stage are impressively controlled by the behind-the-scenes operational technologies at TELMIC. When colorful electric spectaculars are projected, go behind the scenes and you will find some engineers from TELMIC operating computers and complex control consoles. These engineers are here to support entertainment systems for shows or stage.

Sometimes, however, unexpected accidents may happen at a show or on stage. If that happens, well-trained engineers at TELMIC will handle things well enough and swiftly enough so that nothing affects the progress of the show. This is essential when working with time sensitive cues in live shows and concerts. Now is the time when you seek something more complex and innovative. The engineers at TELMIC should serve you as reliable help providers.

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